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Staff of Park Lane Veterinary Hospital

TonyaTonya Ramsey, Practice Manager

As the practice manager at Park Lane Veterinary Hospital, Tonya Ramsey oversees all aspects of the practice, including client relations, employee management, and patient files. She joined the veterinary team in June 2000, and infuses her compassion for our patients and clients into all she does at the hospital.

"Park Lane Veterinary Hospital has persevered because of a staff that takes great pride in what they do, and the quality of care that is given," she says. "We also have a very loyal clientele that puts a great deal of trust in us, even throughout a time of transition."

Tonya has an Australian shepherd mix named Toby and a saltwater aquarium. In her free time, she enjoys flea marketing, crafting, and interior decorating.

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DempsyDempsy Roberson, Veterinary Nurse

Dempsy Roberson is a skilled, compassionate, and confident veterinary nurse who brings 15 years of veterinary experience to Park Lane Veterinary Hospital. With our practice since January 2009, Dempsy's responsibilities include assisting Dr. Holland during exams and surgeries, patient care, filling prescriptions, radiology, and triage. She particularly likes the challenge of diagnosing sick patients.

Along with her many years of hands-on experience, Dempsy is diligent about earning her continuing education credits required by the American Animal Hospital Association. She is certified in Avimark software and is taking courses to become a certified Purina weight coach.

"This is a small hospital where we all share the load," she says, "and, because of that, we have more freedom to do and be who we want to be."

For more evidence of Dempsy's commitment to animals, one need look no further than her "farm full" of pets at home. She and her family care for four dogs (Tatonka, Lindsay, Hank, and Shylow), three cats (Stinky, Sassy, and Nermal), along with chickens, rabbits, goats, and a cow. Dempsy spends her free time with her three awesome children and her great husband. As a group they enjoy fishing, hunting, and gardening. When alone, she reads, cooks comfort food, and plays in the barn.

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MeganMegan Hynes, Kennel Technician

Megan Hynes is Park Lane Veterinary Hospital's kennel technician and resident animal cuddler. Along with lavishing pets with love, she also is responsible for walking dogs and keeping the kennel area clean. She joined our hospital in August 2011, after already having spent six years in the animal care field.

At home, Megan cares for two cats, Millie and Jazz, and a beagle named Eli. She enjoys knitting, camping, traveling, and gardening.

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AdreannaAdreanna Mariah Riley, Kennel Technician

Adreanna Mariah Riley loves spending time with animals and has been a kennel technician at Park Lane Veterinary Hospital since September 2013. Very organized and efficient, her responsibilities include feeding and caring for the animals and keeping the kennel area neat and clean. Before joining our team, Adreanna worked as a pet sitter for Sitter City.

When not caring for the animals at the hospital, Adreanna enjoys art, gardening, fishing, hiking, video games, and collecting comic books. She also has a number of her own pets: two cocker spaniels, two horses, two domestic shorthair cats, and a rabbit.

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ShannanShannan McKinley, Receptionist

Shannan McKinley's favorite part of her job is well-suited to her position: greeting the animals. "I like helping a nervous dog or cat overcome that fear with a friendly, caring greeting," she says. A graduate of Oklahoma City Community College with an EMT degree, Shannan joined Park Lane Veterinary Hospital in April 2010, and has worked in the animal care field since 2002.

Shannan - who has 4 dogs, 10 cats, 2 goats, chickens, ducks, and a peacock - spends her free time with her husband and daughter, Kinzley. She also enjoys horseback riding, gardening, fishing, hiking, and camping.

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